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The Message Behind the Logo

Bahamas Strong Alliance have implemented a logo that reflects their ultimate underlying mission, “resilience by design”.

The palm tree embodies this concept as it is a true natural symbol of island resilience in the face of disaster.

The palm tree has many aligning analogies that Bahamas Strong Alliance can identify with.

The fronds of a palm tree are designed to allow air flow, thus being able to sustain high winds. This idea lends itself to the lifestyle and building strategies that Bahamas Strong Alliance will be looking to recommend and ultimately provide grant funding to assist Bahamians and residents to “build smarter.”

The stem of a palm tree is not made from hardwood as in a typical tree, but a network of wire like strands that allow for great flexibility to bend during high winds. The agility of The Bahamas Strong Alliance is indeed one of its strengths, to be able to be as responsive as possible to assist those in time of need and in rapid time.

The roots are a similar network of strands and are woven tightly to provide a strong foundation and anchor the full weight of the tree in a storm. The roots represent the generational Bahamian identity that lie within the compassionate hearts of our founders. The tightly woven network of partners, volunteers and donors is the true strength that keeps it grounded, together they are stronger.

Overall the logo has a poignancy and story at its core. It is a nod to the devastation that The Bahamas experienced due to Hurricane Dorian. It is a tribute to all those who are still standing, to those who got back up, to those who will remember and remain to see us all become resilient by design and remain always together, Bahamas Strong.

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