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Founding Board Announced

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Bahamas Strong welcomed five outstanding individuals to the board of directors today. Jeffrey Beckles, Earl Deveaux, Barry Rassin, Adelle Thomas and Will Tomlinson joined founding directors Karla Wells-Lisgaris, Happy Hall, and Susan Holowesko Larson for the inaugural meeting of the board.

Susan Holowesko Larson said, “Each of the new board members brings a wealth of experience to our fled

gling organization and we are absolutely delighted and honored to have such a prestigious group help craft the way forward for Bahamas Strong.”

In addition to tackling formalities, the board of directors unanimously agreed on the current priorities facing Bahamas Strong: to capture in its entirety the private sector and NGO response to Hurricane Dorian as a case study to apply to and inform the future, to formalize a transparent and accountable system to align national and international philanthropy with need, and to create a national information repository for building disaster resilience. Of particular significance, Bahamas Strong will explore undertaking a rapid risk assessment of New Providence in advance of the 2020 hurricane season and as a first step toward creating a national disaster resilience strategy.

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