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"Bahamas Together" COVID-19 Self Screening Tool Launched

BAHAMAS STRONG is pleased to announce the new online COVID-19 Screening platform, “Bahamas Together”.

This innovative mobile-friendly tool is designed to allow Bahamians to self-screen for symptoms at home and is the result of multi-sectoral partnership to assist health officials in gathering data for a more targeted COVID-19 testing and treatment process.

The concept emerged when ORG Chairperson Robert Myers and Think Simple Partner Gregory Michelier perceived that enhancing data-collection on where symptoms were occurring could help public health authorities to identify high and low-risk areas and better direct resources.

Bahamas Strong congratulates our partners at ORG Bahamas Foundation, Think Simple, and HeadKnowles Foundation for furthering the COVID-19 testing capacity of The Bahamas.



Watch the press video from Eyewitness News here:

Image from 4:30pm Friday April 24th, 2020


By: Chauntez Dillet-Wilson

Communications Coordinator, ORG

Multi-sector Partnership to assist public health officials in gathering data for more targeted COVID-19 testing and treatment. NASSAU, New Providence, (April 23, 2020) – Local firm Think Simple has teamed up with civil society organizations The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG), Bahamas Strong, and HeadKnowles to launch a mobile-friendly tool aimed at aiding and enhancing the national COVID-19 response. “Bahamas Together” is an online self-screening tool allowing Bahamian citizens and residents to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms from home. The multi-sector partnership is designed to assist with data collection and tracking of information to better inform government actions. The tool can be found at:

The concept emerged when ORG Chairperson Robert Myers and Think Simple Partner Gregory Michelier perceived that enhancing data-collection on where symptoms were occurring could help public health authorities to identify high and low-risk areas and better direct resources.

“We observed that countries that were collecting data and utilizing it to inform more targeted testing and resource distribution seemed to be having more success combatting the virus,” said Mr. Michelier. “We saw an opportunity for collaboration, to capitalize on the strengths of each of our organizations and sectors to support the efforts of the The Government of The Bahamas. My company, Think Simple, had the knowledge and expertise in IT to swiftly create a user-friendly tool and so ‘Bahamas Together’ was developed.”

The website was designed at no cost to the government, however, the Bahamas Together coalition have been working with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the tool is collecting relevant information. In addition, the data collected will be securely shared with public health authorities to help inform their decision-making.

“The data that Bahamas Together collects will assist in mapping how many people across all areas of the Bahamas are well, are showing symptoms, or have recovered,” said Mr. Myers. “This information can assist health care professionals and the Government of The Bahamas to be more targeted in the handling of resources and testing and managing curfews and lockdowns. Eventually, being able to identify low or no-risk areas can facilitate the opening back up of the Bahamian way of life and economy in a safer, staged process.”

After broad interest from the public since the soft launch of the tool on Friday April 17th, the coalition is officially launching “Bahamas Together” to engender wider interest and higher response rates. ORG, HeadKnowles, and Bahamas Strong are leveraging their community ties to disseminate the tool widely to the public.

The coalition is asking members of the public to take the survey and share the web link widely to contacts living in the Bahamas. The more the tool is used, the more information and control the health authorities can have over the spread of the virus.

About Think Simple

Think Simple is a full-service audio/video, software development, automation and IT management firm, with 20 years of experience in the design of building technology systems. We engage in every stage of our projects, from concept to completion, including design, procurement, implementation and follow-up support. We are an all- around technology company. Learn more at:


About The Organization for Responsible Governance

The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG) is a not-for-profit civic foundation committed to creating dialogue, insights, and solutions around the challenges affecting accountable governance, education reform, and economic development in The Bahamas. We are businesspersons, students, artists, educators, politicians, clergy, academics and members of civil society united to resolve the nation’s most vexing issues by addressing their root causes through research, education, and partnership.

Learn more at:


About HeadKnowles

The HeadKnowles Foundation (HKF) is a registered not-for-profit organization committed to helping The Bahamas, its families and communities in times of need. The HKF has played a pivotal role in the relief efforts following Hurricane Joaquin in 2015, Hurricanes Irma and Matthew in 2017, and the devastating Hurricane Dorian of 2019. HKF has mobilized thousands of Bahamians to assist their fellow countrymates in need through distribution of emergency supplies, coordination of evacuation efforts, and fundraising for humanitarian aid. HKF welcomes collaboration and is known as a Charity for charities. We are passionate about our Bahama land believe in doing whatever we can to assist.

Learn more at:

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