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BAHAMAS STRONG Brand Established

The Core Group revealed today that it was rebranding itself as Bahamas Strong. In recent weeks, the group had agreed to establish a permanent identity and formalize its critical work in disaster preparedness and recovery. The search for a new name ended brilliantly when Florida based Kirsten Stevens and her colleagues offered the domain name to the Core Group.

Stevens had shown incredible foresight when she captured the domain name in the early post Dorian days. As long-time friends of The Bahamas and a former resident, Stevens went into action to raise funds and resources to help the people of Abaco recover from Dorian’s devastation. As her work wound down, Stevens wanted to preserve the name and gifted it to the Core Group.

Bahamas Strong’s mission is inextricably linked to the work it carried out as the Core Group in the days, weeks and months after Hurricane Dorian. As it moves forward Bahamas Strong will continue to provide leadership in preparedness and emergency response, and in building national resilience. It will also work to align national and international philanthropy to preparedness, response, and recovery needs. Behind both of these points of focus will be a national information repository which informs the general public, increases awareness of the merits of building resilience, and builds participation.

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